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(Updated 12/1/2011)
St. Patty’s Day Snacks
Create a number of green themed dishes with the help of bulk foods

March 17th is best known as St. Patricks Day around the world not only for those with an Irish heritage, but for those who are Irish in spirit too! The bulk food aisle is a great place to start when looking for snacks to put on display at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Check out our ideas below for creating Irish-inspired snacks using some common bulk food products.

There are plenty of green hued gummies available in the bulk food aisle that will complement any St. Patrick’s Day spread. Green gummy bears, apple rings, jelly beans, candy sticks are just a few of our green themed favorites.

Grab a bowl and pile in some light and dark green Milkies for an easy and colorful snack, or treat your guests to decadent Irish Cream Cordials for a sweet Irish treat. You can also put our light green coating wafers to use to create your own confections. Try dipping pretzel rods into melted coating wafers for an easy and delicious sweet and salty treat.

Crunchy Snacks
A celebration isn’t complete without a table full of crunchy snack choices. To stick with the green theme, try unique items like green bean crisps or okra chips. Honor the colors of the Irish flag (green, white and orange) by mixing okra, potato and carrot chips together in one bowl. You can also bring some heat to the table with wasabi peanut crunchies, or stick to milder snacks like shelled pistachios.

Filling Foods
You can’t go wrong by baking up a loaf of authentic Irish soda bread for serving as an appetizer or to accompany a hearty meal of stew. If pasta dishes are more your style, give them a St. Patrick’s Day makeover by replacing your usual pasta noodles with green spinach noodles, or use the tri-colored rotini to represent the green, white and orange colors of the Irish flag.

For a quick fix, whip together a batch of lime gelatin or pistachio pudding and top it off with a dollop of whipped cream for an easy green dessert. If time is on your side, bake your favorite cookies or cupcakes and decorate them with shamrock shapes or mixed shamrock sprinkles. Garnish your tray of desserts with green pineapple slices or whole green cherries for an extra decorative display.

If a sit down dinner is more your style, check out our recipes for Irish Lamb Stew, Irish Chicken and Dumplings, Bacon and Cabbage Soup, Molasses Scones, and traditional Irish Barmbrack to create a menu full of Irish-inspired dishes.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!